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  • Where to get delicious stuffed cookies in Utah

    Dirty Dough offers delicious cookies that are unique from the inside out with fillings, layers, and mix-ins.

  • New cookie shop taking Utah by storm

    What was started by a college student in Arizona out of his apartment, is now opening 5 locations in Utah and in the next year opening about 25 more stores. The company’s cookies have multiple layers with many fun fillings like caramel, fudge, raspberries, marshmallow, and Biscoff. Their slogan, “Proudly Unique Inside and Out,” spreads their message of positivity.

  • What a treat! Dirty Dough Founder Bennett Maxwell’s cookie franchises offer passive income while helping youths

    A sweet business plan — and it’s not just the cookies…Founder Bennett Maxwell looks to work with other business people whose values and goals align with his own. Namely, those looking to make relatively passive income on a great product and do good for the communities they serve at the same time.

  • Bennett Maxwell Establishes Dirty Dough Cookies to Spread Awareness About Mental Health

    As Bennett Maxwell…aims to send across powerful messages of hope to thousands of individuals, particularly young girls who struggle with harsh societal demands. On top of that, he also seeks to set a precedent for aspiring entrepreneurs across the globe, inspiring them to launch businesses that spark change in the lives of many.

  • Your New Favorite Cookies Hail From Dirty Dough Cookies, But it is What Founder Bennett Maxwell is Doing for Mental Health That Will Make You Stick Around

    To put it frankly, the Dirty Dough Cookies franchise is blowing up! Founder Bennett Maxwell has already seen 98 locations purchased. The company will have a presence across 13 different states in just a few short months. That’s the way the cookie crumbles.

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