What Makes Dirty Dough different?

We don’t just make delicious cookies for every occasion. We are a brand with a message for all— it’s what’s on the inside that matters most.

That goes for our cookies, our company, and every individual that we serve.

Why Franchise With Dirty Dough?

Cookies Like No Other

Nobody else uses our unique process for creating super-stuffed, multilayered cookies with mix-ins and gooey-soft centers.

Rotating Menu

We keep things interesting with a weekly rotation of new cookie flavors, along with some of the classics that stick around each week.

Mobile App

The Dirty Dough app is a great tool for ordering cookies, finding locations, and keeping up with DD on the go

Low Labor Costs

The Dirty Dough system allows each store to operate at a fraction of the overhead cost compared to competitors.

Available Markets

New locations are being claimed and opening up quickly. Get in touch with the Dirty Dough team to claim your market before someone else does!

Dirty Dough stores are uniquely set up to be profitable in both large and small markets.

With extremely low labor costs and high profit margins, our locations don’t need to sell as many cookies as our competitors to make the same profits. And selling these uniquely addicting cookies isn’t hard to do.

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How it Works

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    starting at $141,000


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Become a franchisee

Dirty Dough is growing rapidly and expanding across the country. Claim your market and help us bring messy cookies to the masses by opening a franchise of your own!

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